Muutama sananen mainostoimistoltamme Leafnetilta

You know that feeling when you're looking for something, but you cannot find it? We know how annoying that can be. At Leafnet we’re storytellers and we believe your business has a story to tell. We can help you identify your business culture and help you stand out in your favour.

KP Interiors chose Leafnet to help share their story and develop their identity. Given the diverse styles from home decor and Finnish interior design we had to develop an identity that was beautiful and timeless. KP Interior's logo type and logo mark was designed in contrast to the products it offers. By using black and white we were able to ensure continuity between all mediums allowing KP to truly stand out against competitors. We're extremely proud of the designs we have crafted in collaboration with KP and look forward to further works.

We hope you enjoyed the experience we crafted for KP Interiors.

Interested in a partnership for your business? Visit our website, give us a call (040 125 1700) or swing by our office at Kauppakatu 23 A 3 in Joensuu, we'd be happy to help.


Jake Carrington,
Founder at Mainostoimisto Leafnet